N. 5 (2019): Il genere della traduzione

Critique and the Idea of Translation

Mena Mitrano
Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Pubblicato 2020-01-03

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Mitrano, M. (2020). Critique and the Idea of Translation. De Genere - Rivista Di Studi Letterari, Postcoloniali E Di Genere, (5). Recuperato da https://www.degenere-journal.it/index.php/degenere/article/view/110


This issue of de genere invites us to reflect on the following question: How can translation contribute to the pursuit of a more inclusive culture that is invested in undoing hierarchies and favoring plurality? My article considers the metaphorical potential of translation for critique. It discusses the notion of translation as a movement of ideas across disciplinary borders, using as a case study the border between philosophy and theory as it is interrogated in the work and career of Fredric Jameson.

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